Research Interests


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  • Identification of one or more individual(s) using low copy number DNA from a touched object



  •  Innovative methods of forensic education



  • Influences of textile dyes’ inhibition on DNA identification


  • Identification of one or more individual(s) from hematophagous insects



  • Degradation of DNA by uv radiations

Dr. Cevdet Akbay, Fayetteville State University

Dr. Marcus Hunt, Fayetteville State University


Dr. Gurcharan Rahi, Fayetteville State University 

Dr. Paul Speaker, West Virginia University



Dr. Troy Anderson, Virginia Tech


Dr. Coby Schal, North Carolina State University



Dr. Allison Holt, Scientist III, Life Technologies

Dr. Robert Grier IV, Atlanta Metropolitan University

Ms. Angela Saxon, Fayetteville Sheriff Office


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